Smiling young woman in dental chair at her dentist in Idaho Falls, Elison Dental Center.

Meet our Staff

Meet the staff of Elison Dental Center!

Amy Dentist in Idaho Falls Staff


From an early age, Amy wanted to work in the medical profession but in a field that would allow her to focus on her role as a mom. In high school, she was able to observe the work of a dentist. That experience helped her decide to pursue her career in dentistry. Amy graduated from ISU with her bachelors in dental hygiene in 2003.

After moving to the Idaho Falls area, Amy joined Elison Dental Center in July of 2012. Since that time she has enjoyed working with patients and educating them regarding oral health and its connection to their overall health. Amy is enthusiastic about her work and emphasizes that Dr. Elison and staff make a great team!

Hallie Dentist in Idaho Falls Staff


Hallie grew up in Dubois, Idaho with her older sister and a younger brother and sister who are twins. Hallie was an active competitor of volleyball and basketball which she attributes to the development of her hard work ethic.

Before entering the dental hygiene program, Hallie returned to her high school and worked as a Special Education Aide. She relished the impact she could make on the people with special needs.

After graduating from the dental hygiene program at Carrington College located in Boise, Idaho, she entered the work force and joined Elison Dental Center in June of 2017. She loves working at Elison Dental Center where she can meet new people and work in a friendly work environment with exceptional staff and dentist!

Ruth Dentist in Idaho Falls Staff


Ruth studied at Everest College in Los Angeles, California, to become a dental assistant. She has been a dental assistant for over 5 years and loves her job. Ruth moved to Idaho Falls in 2011 and delights in the Eastern Idaho lifestyle.

Ruth enjoys working with people and helping them feel good about their smile. She loves working with Dr. Elison and the great staff at Elison Dental Center.

One of her favorite things about working with Dr. Elison is the continual focus on providing a family friendly environment. She thinks is it wonderful to be able to treat entire families.

Olivia Dentist in Idaho Falls Staff


Olivia was born and raised in Idaho Falls and graduated from the Utah Valley University dental hygiene program in May 2020. She worked in Utah for the remainder of 2020 before returning to Idaho Falls.

Now, back in Idaho Falls, Olivia has worked at Elison Dental Center since January 2021. She loves working with “the best dentist ever” and caring for patients in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

In her spare time, Olivia loves photography, hiking, reading, cooking and taking her dog, Jim on walks. She is a new mom of a beautiful baby girl and spends a lot of time and energy caring for her.

Amy Dental Assistant in Idaho Falls Staff


After earning her dental assistant certificate, Amy joined the Elison Dental Center team in May 2005. Amy’s concern for patients is evident in the gentle and quiet manner in which she cares for them. Amy takes great pride in helping people feel better about their teeth, their smile and about themselves.

Amy appreciates working for a dentist that is so very kind and personable with his patients, staff and everyone he interacts with. She is also loves the people that she works with at Elison Dental Center.

Amy loves being a mom, traveling and exploring the outdoors with her two kids she adores.


Rebecca Dentist in Idaho Falls Staff


Rebecca graduated from Bell Gardens High School located in Bell Gardens California. After high school, she worked a variety of jobs and then began working in the insurance industry earning her license in property and casualty Insurance.

After moving from California with her family, Rebecca began working for Dr. Elison in April of 2016. Rebecca works the front office where she enjoys the interaction with patients each day. She enjoys working at Dr. Elison’s office because of the friendly environment in which to work.

Rebecca loves spending time with her family, especially in the outdoors. Rebecca is very talented musically and she enjoys playing the guitar, piano and saxophone.