Woman with a big smile receiving whitening trays from her dentist in Idaho Falls, Dr. Michael Elison.

Teeth Whitening

At Elison Dental Center, we provide a unique teeth whitening service called the Whitening for Life Club™.

The Whitening for Life Club™ was developed to encourage patient oral health and to help patients’ teeth look their best at all times.  Club membership is free to patients that qualify.

Club Benefits

Encourages Proper Dental Hygiene

Club participants are more likely to brush and floss to keep the dazzling white color.  The result is not only whiter teeth but also positive overall oral health.

Promotes Consistent Cleaning

Club members visit Elison Dental Center every six months for their semi-annual cleaning.  This cleaning frequency promotes healthier teeth and gums.

Professional Oversight

The teeth whitening process is monitored by health care professionals.  This way, the treatment is monitored to ensure effectiveness and to protect against potential health risks.

Boost Self-Esteem

Removing unsightly and embarrassing surface stains will improve the way one feels about their smile and about themselves.  An uninhibited smile contributes to a healthier lifestyle.

Professional Whitening System

Unlike many over-the-counter products which are ineffective, our professional whitening system produces whiter and brighter looking teeth.

Free Whitening Products

Semi-annual whitening products are free of charge.  Make sure to review the Club Membership requirements for details about Club Membership.

Application & Enrollment

Patients interested in the Whitening for Life Club™ should contact Elison Dental Center for an official application and to review the Terms and Conditions of the program.