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Idaho Falls Family Dentist 

Dr. Michael Elison chose early in his career to become an Idaho Falls family dentist.  Of course, he loves the Idaho Falls area where he grew up but he was set on the path in becoming an Idaho Falls family dentist because of the relationships he can build over a lifetime with his patients.    
Family Dentistry 

Dr. Elison chose family dentistry because he loves working with an entire family and having the opportunity to get to know them from their first exam and then throughout their life.   He enjoys being an Idaho Falls family dentist because he can establish a relationship with each member of the family and see them as they grow, one year at a time. 


He enjoys treating patients of all ages and making a difference in how they smile.   While many young patients may start with Dr. Elison from their first visit, others have seen Dr. Elison for the first time much later in life.  In any case, Dr. Elison is an Idaho Falls family dentist that understands the needs, fears and sensitivities of patients of all ages.

Comfortable Family Setting

As Dr. Elison set-up practice as an Idaho Falls family dentist, he made sure that the environment is comfortable for children and adults.  His “Kidz Corner” on his website and in his office provides a comforting area for children to play.  For children and adults, mounted TVs provide a nice distraction for patients as they have their teeth cleaned, for example.

A Gentle Touch 

Many patients comment on the gentle, kind and compassionate manner in which Dr. Elison works.  He uses very open communication explaining what he is going to do and makes sure the patient is comfortable.  When necessary, nitrous oxide may be used to relax patients young and old.

Family Focus

Dr. Elison is an Idaho Falls family dentist that focuses on prevention and restoration of his patients’ teeth.  From fluoride treatment to old filling replacement, Dr. Elison will be able to provide the necessary treatments. 


Dental services at the Elison Dental Center are affordable and most insurance plans are accepted.   Dr. Elison’s is an Idaho Falls family dentist with an office that is conveniently located just off of Sunnyside on Washington Parkway.  

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