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What Moms and Other Patients Say


There are many reasons patients choose Dr. Michael Elison to be their family dentist.   Here are a few of the top reasons given by the patients of Dr. Elison: 


  1. He has an excellent chair-side manner.
  2. He shows concern and compassion towards my fear and pain.
  3. He does a great job discussing thoroughly all options available for my care.
  4. He is a kind and gentle dentist.
  5. He is interested in my life and how I am doing.
  6. Dr. Elison is always making sure that I am comfortable.
  7. He stops when I say stop.
  8. He is very tender and friendly with all of my children’s worries and anxieties.
  9. Dr. Elison is always friendly and personable when we come into the office.
  10. I like the way he talks with my children and lets them know what they are doing right with their teeth and what can be done better.
  11. My kids love the new toothbrush and toothpaste and prizes when they come.
  12. He talks to us in an easy manner and explains all of the issues.
  13. My children feel comfortable.
  14. Dr. Elison does a great job listening to my concerns and carefully evaluating the best treatment for me and my family.
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